Technology – Putting the Client First

Just over three years ago, I decided it was time we went paperless. One year of due diligence later and I decided to go forward with a product called Primafact. Primafact allows us to simply and efficiently scan and file all documents on a client matter. The transition was painless. We used the accrual approach – we did not scan all the existing paper files. Instead, with each new client file moving forward, we went paperless.

The benefits of going paperless have been enormous, not just saving us time in the office but also dramatically improving client service. For instance, when a client calls with a question, we no longer need to put the call on hold, walk to the filing cabinet, pull the file, and look for the relevant document. Instead, with the click of a button, we can find what we’re looking for with client on the phone in a matter of seconds.

Just over one year ago, I decided it was time to move the office to the cloud. This would make it possible for all office staff and myself to access everything in a client’s file no matter where we were. Just like going paperless, deciding on which company to go with took a lot of research. I’m very happy I decided to go with I-Worx. Just last month, we completed our move into the cloud. We no longer need to bring the entire file with us to Discoveries, Court Applications and Trials. It is all in our laptop or Ipad. Working from home is now a piece of cake!

The third and last item on my technology to-do list is VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol. I interviewed so many vendors that the process became overwhelming. Not surprising given the fact that lawyers are not trained in technology. A lawyer friend of mine recommended I hire a consultant, Vic Buehler. He found an option that had all the bells and whistles I was looking for and more – Telus’ Ringcentral. We hope have our new VOIP system installed within the next 4 weeks.

It’s hard to believe that when I got called to the Bar in 1984 we still had typewriters!