About Yaletown

Yaletown owes its existence mostly to the coming of the Canadian Pacific railroad back in the late 19th century. Back then, a small town named Yale was home to a large number of railroad workers; it also served as a center for the Fraser Canyon gold rush. Yale became Yaletown after the railway line was extended to Vancouver, and today, Yaletown is one of the city's most densely populated neighborhoods - a far cry from the days when it was home to sprawling rail yards and warehouses.

Living in Yaletown

During the last 30 years, Yaletown has been transformed into one of the trendiest and most desirable areas of Vancouver. It all started after the 1986 Expo when a Hong Kong-based developer bought up land in nearby False Creek, leading to one of the most important urban regeneration projects ever in North America. The huge project had several aims - as well as redefining the southern boundary of the area by expanding the Stanley Park seawall, the goal was to make sure there was plenty of lands allocated for schools, community centres, and parks. Also important was the idea of better access to the waterfront, and to overall improve both office and residential space in the area. If you take a walk around Yaletown today, you will notice that many of the old warehouses have been successfully converted into restaurants, bars, and boutiques, along with plenty of trendy loft living space. The many award-winning boutiques and the views from the seawall bordering the ocean make this a great place to spend a day or to live.

Tim Louis & Company near Yaletown

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Things to do in Yaletown

Many residents will tell you it's the award-winning restaurants and cocktail bars that make this Vancouver neighborhood so special, although the popular oceanfront seawall used by walkers and cyclists, and the many dog parks are also a plus. The vibe here is exciting, upbeat and energetic during the week as well as at the weekend.

Below are some of the most popular places to enjoy a drink or a meal in the trendy and popular Yaletown area.

Yaletown Brew Pub

Great food has been a staple of this craft brewery for many years, although locals and visitors alike also flock here for the excellent service and the wonderful atmosphere.

The Parlour

If you're looking for the area's trendiest place to enjoy pizza, look no further than the Parlour. The pizza is some of the best in Vancouver regardless of the time of day you visit, but for something special, visit after it gets dark. You can enjoy a slice of gourmet pizza along with a red carpet, velvet ropes and all the atmosphere of a nightclub.

Rodney's Oyster House

After a long day in the office, this has become one of the places to go not only for fresh oysters but for a great atmosphere and a well-stocked bar. And another reason why Rodney's has become so popular is the happy hour specials which are often offered.

Distillery Bar and Kitchen

For little taste of New York right here in Vancouver, a visit to this bar is a must. And as well as the excellent cocktails, it's become a great place for people watching and to watch the efforts of single men aged 30 plus trying to approach the champagne drinking women at the bar.

Provence Marinaside

The location on the waterfront is one of the best things about this popular brunch spot, although many regulars will tell you they go there for the perfectly cooked and delicious eggs benedict. If you are planning a foray into the Yaletown area, you can fortify yourself with one of the restaurant's Caesar drinks.

Yaletown Postal Code:

V6B 5Z6

Yaletown Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 49.2747268
Long: -123.12464

Tim Louis and Company Near V6B 5Z6

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Flying Pig Yaletown

The Yaletown location is just one of several restaurants of the same name located throughout Vancouver. If you are looking for an affordable meal in a pleasant atmosphere, this is the place to come to, although regulars also come here for the locally sourced and fresh ingredients and the ever-changing seasonal menu. And the dining experience is made even more unique with the open kitchen plan.

Hello Goodbye

If you are looking for a trendy and popular place for an after-dinner cocktail, this is the place to go. One of the city's top mixologists, Jonathan "Johnny" Richard makes sure the atmosphere is always lively.

Brix and Mortar

If your idea of a romantic meal for two is a pleasant patio, live music and the most delicious mussels you tasted, don't miss this tapas and wine bar.

The area's history is still very evident in Yaletown, although the neighbourhood is now home to bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and boutiques rather than warehouses and factories. This is a neighbourhood that no visitor to Vancouver should miss, and whether you stroll the streets during the day or prefer to visit at night, the atmosphere is always lively.

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