About Kitsilano

Almost sixty years ago, the proud and gleaming beach front of Kitsilano in Vancouver was a hippie hideout like no other, save for the world famous San Francisco enclave. Fast-forward to more modern times and now Vancouver's Kitsilano community is home to an increasingly millennial population. This beach culture club has a lot of quirks especially in regards to the brands that they choose or even the food they like to eat. Together, these residents have shortened Kitsilano to Kits as a much cooler name for their ultra modern and increasingly health-conscious Vancouver community.

Living in Kitsilano

When you're within the vicinity of historic Burrard Bridge, you know that you can't be far from Vancouver's bustling Kitsilano community. The exact coordinates in true N-E-W-S fashion are the waterfront, Burrard Street, Alma Street and the West 16th avenue. Meanwhile, the beehive of business activity in Vancouver's Kitsilano is the West quadrant between the 4th and Broadway avenues. Still, it's not unusual to find commercial establishments closer to Kitsilano's beach which is the pride of Vancouver. So naturally, those strolls day or night are an opportunity to grab a healthy bite to eat, like the freshest fish and chips.

In order to get slowly and surely to Kitsilano, Vancouver, Burrard Bridge will have to be your marker, a shining beacon of Vanier Park as well as a guide in case you get lost or disoriented. The precise spot is where every attraction for the average Vancouver family as well as Vancouver tourists exists. Museums of all shapes and sizes abound to delight young and old minds alike. As you head down closer to Kitsilano Beach, you'll find that Shakespeare's works will never be forgotten here by the Kitsilano people from all walks of life. In fact, the bard's masterpieces are immortalized with the waters as a backdrop during the summer months.

Things to do in Kitsilano

The waterfront will naturally lead you to Kitsilano Beach, which in the summer can get very crowded with all sorts of outdoor games, picnics, and parades. Kitsilano is Vancouver's festival capital and for a good measure. The hottest season of the year never passes the Kitsilano area of Vancouver without a seemingly never-ending pageantry of festivals celebrating different cultures as well as cuisines. It's come one, come all with absolutely no invitations required.

Kitsilano Postal Code:

V6K 1L8

Kitsilano Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 49.2656409
Long: -123.1493268Tim Louis and Company Near V6K 1L8

In fact, there's a distinct possibility that the vegetarian tradition probably originated in Kitsilano, although there's no indisputable proof for that just yet. About the only smoking gun is the proliferation of all kinds of vegan and vegetarian restaurants known to man, woman, and child from Kitsilano's Yew Street all the way to Cornwall. Going Greek or Mediterranean? That's the easiest thing to do in Vancouver's healthy eating paradise. There's seemingly no end in sight. If you want fine dining, however, the fourth avenue of Kitsilano's proud west is your best bet.

Out here in Kitsilano, Vancouver shopping is done in style and in stride. You can choose to do your favorite hobby outside or inside, but we suggest a combination of both. Hint: Kitsilano is Vancouver's Lululemon paradise, which means that every special issue can be found here if it's not found anywhere else in the world. However, if you're not such a big fan of the company or of yoga, Kitsilano has so many alternatives to deliver from Vancouver's gifts and souvenirs on the streets to delightful fashion and other incredible items from Vancouver department stores catering exclusively to the Kitsilano market and community. For local goods, head out to Kitsilano's West Broadway area for best results. Are you having fun yet?

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