Top Unknown Restaurants in Vancouver, British Columbia To Try

attorney firm having a nice lunch at an unknown restaurant

You should try these places.

Eating, drinking and interacting with different people are some of the things I excel at. However, I am very choosy about the place I like to hang out in. Fortunately, I have been able to find several spots where I can comfortably eat from. You have probably not been to any of these places in Vancouver, but they are pretty impressive.

  1. Lolita’s located south of the Cantina border
    It is a little Mexican place that offers delicious food and fantastic cocktails. It is beautiful and has the best service from the bartenders and servers.
  2. The Mackenzie Room
    This restaurant has a rustic feel to it. Their menus vary from season to season. The cocktails are yummy, and there is an attractive vibe to the place.
  3. Gringo
    It is located 27 Blood Alley Square. Gringo prepares the best margaritas you will ever taste. As much as there is no kitchen at Gringo, they offer the best food. You will not be disappointed when you get here. Additionally, the servers wear clothes based on particular themes which are pretty impressive.
  4. Corduroy Pie
    It is found on 758W 16th Avenue. This place offers excellent pizza. Whichever flavor you want, you get. Bourbon and Nutella pizzas are my favorite.
  5. The Acorn
    It is located on 3995 main street. If you are a vegan, this is the place for you! It is that vegan food outlet that attracts the attention of no-vegetarians.
  6. Mamie Taylor’s
    It is at 251 E Georgia street. If you are looking forward to having some fantastic chicken and waffles, you need to visit this place. You will keep going back for more.
  7. Phnom Penh
    Also on 244 E Georgia street. Chicken wings! This is the right place for you. You will not be disappointed. Your life could be changed by eating them.

This post was written by Tim Louis & Company