Your ICBC Claim: Trial Dollars Without A Trial

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MEDICAL EXPENSES: Can Renovations Be Claimed?

In a September 13, 2013 Tax Court of Canada case, the taxpayer’s claim for amounts paid to install engineered hardwood flooring as a medical expense was denied by CRA. The engineered hardwood replaced fairly new carpet in the taxpayer’s five … Continue reading

Compensatory Damage in Personal Injury Cases

Mind, Body and Wallet: Compensatory Damage in Personal Injury Cases (via Whether your personal injury is the result of a car accident or an incident at a place of business, your condition will impact many different aspects of your … Continue reading

Pets and personal injury claims

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If you’ve been injured, when should you pursue your claim?

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If you slip and fall at a store, what should you do?

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Before personal injury litigation, expect the unexpected

Expecting The Unexpected Before Injury Litigation (via If you asked a group of people about the things they hope to do in life, not many would include having to call a personal injury lawyer on that list.  As most … Continue reading

A Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer’s Tips for Mediation!

Most clients who come to my Vancouver Personal Injury law practice have heard of mediation. However, in order to take full advantage of mediation, a number of key points must be understood by you, the client, before the mediation takes … Continue reading

Don’t pull up the white flag!

Personal injury clients sometimes come to me with cases that don’t look winnable to them. There are usually one of two reasons for this. Either they know the car accident was not their fault but they don’t have any witnesses … Continue reading

Don’t let insurance companies force you into accepting cheap settlements

In my experience representing injured clients over the last three decades, it’s not uncommon for insurance companies to count on injured Plaintiffs being forced into accepting cheap settlements because they are unable to afford the long wait for their trial … Continue reading