Asked & Answered: 20 Questions with TLABC member Tim Louis

From the Verdict Magazine: Winter 2013. Name: Tim Louis Law Firm & Location: Tim Louis & Company, Vancouver TLABC Member Since: 1986 Post-Secondary Degree(s) and Institution(s): LLB, UBC 1983 Year of Call in BC: 1984 Areas of Practice: Civil Litigation: … Continue reading


Don’t pull up the white flag!

Personal injury clients sometimes come to me with cases that don’t look winnable to them. There are usually one of two reasons for this. Either they know the car accident was not their fault but they don’t have any witnesses … Continue reading

Changes to Paralegal Rules – It’s About Time!

In most law firms, mine included, a good paralegal can get by for a few days without a lawyer in the office but a good lawyer can’t get by for an hour without a good paralegal. Paralegal rule changes help … Continue reading

Don’t let insurance companies force you into accepting cheap settlements

In my experience representing injured clients over the last three decades, it’s not uncommon for insurance companies to count on injured Plaintiffs being forced into accepting cheap settlements because they are unable to afford the long wait for their trial … Continue reading