Earning Tips and Fired From Your Job? The Law Is On Your Side

If you have recently been fired or terminated from your job and your boss had no valid reason for doing so, that could fall under a wrongful dismissal, where you probably already know that your employer must pay you damages. … Continue reading


The Differences Between Litigating Personal Injury in Canada Versus the United States

There are a number of differences between countries when litigating personal injury cases in Canada versus the United States. While the two legal systems generally share the same core values and principles and basic notions of rule of law, there … Continue reading

BC Employment Law: Seek Advice From An Labour Lawyer If You Haven’t Been Paid By Your Employer

If you have not been paid wages by your employer, you may be trying to decide whether to sue or, instead, to file a complaint with the Employment Standards Branch under the Employment Standards Act. Before you decide which route … Continue reading

BC Employment Law: Insubordination – Is it grounds for termination?

You have just been asked by your boss to carry out a new procedure he thinks will be much better than the current procedure. However, your boss does not have the hands-on experience you do and you know from past … Continue reading

Technology – Putting the Client First

Just over three years ago, I decided it was time we went paperless. One year of due diligence later and I decided to go forward with a product called Primafact. Primafact allows us to simply and efficiently scan and file … Continue reading

MEDICAL EXPENSES: Can Renovations Be Claimed?

In a September 13, 2013 Tax Court of Canada case, the taxpayer’s claim for amounts paid to install engineered hardwood flooring as a medical expense was denied by CRA. The engineered hardwood replaced fairly new carpet in the taxpayer’s five … Continue reading

ICBC and social media surveillance

In today’s world of Twitter, Facebook and other social media, more and more cases are being influenced at trial by client postings that give ICBC an unfair advantage. Being aware of this risk, I caution my clients to be extra … Continue reading

Top 8 Lawyer Movies

Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer Top 8 Lawyer Flicks Of All Time (via http://www.klandrylaw.com) As a busy Massachusetts personal injury lawyer, I don’t get to watch a whole lot of TV during the week.. but I do love to sit down … Continue reading

Chicago Hospital Accused of Cutting Throats for $160,000

Chicago Hospital Accused of Cutting Throats for $160,000 (via Jarkesy Money) Chicago Hospital Accused of Cutting Throats for $160,000   A surgeon at Chicago’s Sacred Heart Hospital cut a hole in Earl Nattee’s throat on Jan. 3, the day before … Continue reading

Seatbelts for pets have a 100 percent failure rate in crash tests

Seatbelts for pets have a 100 percent failure rate in crash tests (via Natural Health Cures & Remedies) (NaturalNews) It may sound like nonsense to some of you, but there are those who travel with their pets and in doing … Continue reading