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Tim Louis & Company Law – Personal Injury Law Firm in Vancouver BC

Personal Attention to your Personal Injury, Long Term Disability, and ICBC Claims Law cases

When it comes to Vancouver personal injury lawyers, your best chance for the result you want is Tim Louis & Company, Barristers and Solicitors. That’s because Tim’s been representing injured and disabled clients in Vancouver and beyond for more than 28 years, ever since he completed his articles with renowned legal advocate Harry Rankin back in 1984.

A veteran personal injury lawyer speaks

Tim Louis Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer“My philosophy is simple,” says Tim. “When I’m dealing with injury and disability cases, no matter the cause, I believe victory at trial begins the minute you retain us to help you fight for what is rightfully due to you. We get to know you, your family, your caregivers, and even your doctors, and we build the strongest possible file to ensure the best possible settlement.

My team works with you, and keeps you involved in your file every step of the way. As for me, I make it a high priority to always be accessible to my clients… from the moment I’m retained until the final settlement date.”


Hear what some our satisfied clients have to say about Tim Louis & Company:


Hiring a good Vancouver personal injury lawyer is the key to a decent settlement

car accident claimLaunching a personal injury or disability lawsuit without highly competent representation is like going into a prize fight with not just one arm tied behind your back, but both arms. Your opponents in these types of cases are going to come at you with everything they’ve got, and they have deep pockets. You definitely need to be able to come out swinging, and that means you need Tim Louis and Company as your Vancouver personal injury lawyer.

These are just some of the areas Tim Louis & Company concentrates on. Our highly-experienced personal injury legal team in Vancouver has access to some of the best experts in British Columbia when it comes to personal injury, car accident and disability issues. Best of all, we have the know-how to take the fight to your opponent once you’ve stepped into the ring, so you can come out a winner.

Personal injury and disability law is not for the faint of heart

Most of our clients come from recommendations from our satisfied clients. The reason is simple enough – our clients know that when it comes to representing their interests, we are unrelenting and fearless.

“I want my clients to get everything they rightfully deserve after they’ve suffered a traumatic injury or debilitating long term disability,” says Tim. “A good personal injury lawyer fights harder than most lawyers for the simple fact that it’s usually a David and Goliath kind of battle. My personal injury legal team is not afraid to mix it up because we know the end result is a better life for our clients and their families. I absolutely guarantee that we will do everything we possibly can to get you the personal injury settlement you are entitled to.”

Give Tim Louis – Personal Injury Lawyer Vancouver a call for a free consultation at 604-732-7678.

An Experienced Vancouver ICBC Insurance Claims Lawyer

When you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, whether it’s your fault or not, you are entitled to no-fault benefits. To access these benefits, you will need to make an insurance claim to ICBC. These benefits are commonly referred to as Part 7 Benefits. When you make a Part 7 Benefits application, you are making an ICBC insurance claim.

  • Part 7 Benefits do not include payment for your pain and suffering.
  • Part 7 Benefits do include all reasonable medical expenses, modest income loss payments of a fixed amount if you are not able to work [Total Temporary Disability] and homemaker assistance costs.

ICBC insurance claims are not limited to Part 7 Benefits if you were not responsible for the accidents. If you were not responsible for the accident, your lawyer would start a lawsuit against the driver who was responsible. The lawsuit will be for much more than just Part 7 Benefits. It will also include a claim for compensation for all of your pain and suffering. Your income loss will not be limited to the fixed amount that is Total Temporary Disability. The lawsuit will not be against ICBC itself. However, since almost all drivers in BC are insured by ICBC, your case will take on the appearance of an ICBC insurance claim which is because any out-of-court settlement will be funded by ICBC. If your case goes to court and the judge rules in your favour, the judgment will be paid by ICBC.

We have been taking on Vancouver ICBC insurance claims successfully for over thirty years. If you would like a no-fee initial consultation, call our office at 604-732-7678.

Now Offering Wrongful Dismissal Help

We are happy to announce that we are now offering legal help for those who feel they have been wrongfully dismissed from their employment. Find out more about how our Vancouver BC wrongful dismissal legal team can help you.


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